Eldfisk Bravo, Norway

Fibre optic power control at Eldfisk Bravo


Connecting together the generators that provide the Eldfisk Bravo platform with electricity has made the power systems stronger, simpler and safer.

The platform is in the Eldfisk Field, part of the enormous Ekofisk area in the southern section of the North Sea some 280 kilometres south west of Stavanger. A new control system for electric power was installed on Eldfisk Bravo in May. The operation entailed connecting together two generators.

The generators are on two entirely separate parts of the platform, several minutes walking distance apart.  Connecting them was a complicated task, for which Aggreko employed several unusual solutions to achieve the desired result.  

These included the use of fibre optic cables instead of copper cables for machinery-control room communication. This increases safety in zones where there is a risk of explosions, while also preventing interruptions to the power supply and fault messages.

The generator sets have integral fire and gas detectors and their own extinguisher systems.

The IT controlled connection of the generators is monitored from the platform control room. Here generator load, voltage, motor state and fire/gas detectors can be monitored. The operator can switch between the two power sources during operation, or run both together, and take over the load from the platform’s own turbine generator if it is being run. 

The system is unique to Aggreko Norway and has been developed in partnership with Deif.


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