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Aggreko powers a monster excavator for 25 miles

The challenge for the customer

An enormous electrically powered open cast excavator needed to move 25 miles from one mine to another.  Dis-assembly was an option but costly and slow.  A lateral solution was needed. 

Aggreko’s solution

The intention was to drive the excavator using its own electric motors to provide motive power.  Aggreko calculated that six 1,250kW generators would be needed to provide adequate current.  After careful preparation and meticulous planning the journey commenced.  The trip took several weeks, far faster than disassembly and moving the excavator in component parts.

The benefits to the customer

By providing on-site power to drive the motors, Aggreko was able to move the machine in one piece.  This meant that there was considerable saving in time and cost as no disassembly was required.  An epic journey was completed without a hitch and the excavator installed in a new mine.  In a few weeks production recommenced.

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