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Cooling towers from Aggreko substitute for storm damaged plant


The challenge for the customer

A fierce tornado damaged one of six critical cooling towers at an Oklahoma power station.  The loss of the 115,000 GPM tower was severely limiting power generation.  The hot summer period was a particular challenge.  A speedy solution was essential and a US$100,000 a day penalty was consequently part of the contract.

Aggreko’s solution

Working to schedule, within eight days Aggreko assembled a temporary system.  This comprised 45 1000 ton modular towers, associated power transformers, power distribution and piping systems. The unique and patented design allowed the towers to be located in limited space.  The elevated cold water basin in the design meant no additional pumps were required.

The benefits to the customer

The installation was a complete success.  The plant was back to normal production within eight days.  Utility consumers were assured of continued power supply for air conditioning and other services.

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