Rental power equipment and diesel generators for hire

Power Generation

Aggreko provides effective and cost-saving rental power. Our solutions range from small, transitory power at a site level to baseload-scale megawatt power for regional power grids.

During the past 40 years, Aggreko has continued to custom-build power generator units to meet the changing needs of our client industries, including:

  • Diesel generators, ranging from GreenPower units to containerised power modules
  • Low-maintenance, quiet generators for low-noise applications like movie sets
  • Quiet generators for onboard or dockside needs within the Shipping Industry
  • Portable generators ideal for use in the Construction and Contracting Industries
  • Gas-powered 


Aggreko’s technical specialists will quickly deploy  equipment and monitor performance to ensure a continued, reliable service.


To speak to one of our team in Norway please call

+47 810 00 333

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